Shaping residential landscapes

As a trusted partner in the nationally important strategic residential sector, we help our clients navigate the complexities of identifying, acquiring, and promoting land for long-term development. From urban extensions to new garden villages, our expertise in active travel, biodiversity, climate resilience, and energy and utility infrastructure not only enhances resident wellbeing but also shapes new residential landscapes.

Harnessing our strong relationships with housebuilders, landowners, and promoters, we mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and uphold high-quality standards. Additionally, we engage with local communities to address concerns and identify opportunities to deliver wider benefits beyond the scheme itself.

  • Sustainable solutions

    Our sustainable approach to development meets societal demands and regulatory requirements, contributing to eco-friendly communities.

  • Collaborative approach

    We build strong partnerships, collaborating closely with stakeholders to ensure a successful project outcome.

  • Risk mitigation

    Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we effectively anticipate and manage risks, keeping your projects on track.

  • Future-ready solutions

    Our innovative approach ensures your investment remains resilient and desirable, ready for the evolving landscape.

  • Healthy places

    Advising master planners to create environments that enhance wellbeing and protect nature.


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