Development Consent Orders BWB has been providing consultancy services on Development Consent Orders (DCOs) for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) for over a decade. Learn more
Education Building sustainable educational environments that inspire learning, foster community, and adapt to evolving needs. Learn More
Energy Engineering solutions for a clean, low-carbon energy sector. Learn more
Healthcare Creating healthcare facilities that prioritise patient care and comfort, adhering to stringent standards, and embracing innovation. Learn More
Highways and bridges Designing resilient, effective highways and bridges that improve connectivity and prioritise safety. Learn More
Industrial and distribution Designing flexible, sustainable industrial spaces to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Learn More
Rail Engineering resilient rail infrastructures that prioritise safety, efficiency, and sustainability to shape the future of low-carbon travel. Learn More
Strategic rail freight interchanges At the forefront of delivering UK strategic rail freight interchanges (SRFIs). Learn more
Strategic residential Merging sustainable design, quality execution and future-proof solutions to build resilient communities across the UK. Learn More
Telecommunications Driving the digital age with advanced telecommunications that facilitate connectivity and growth. Learn More
Urban regeneration Transforming underutilised spaces into thriving, sustainable communities. Vibrant places that improve liveability and economic prosperity. Learn More