Client: Bloor Homes

Project overview

Planning on creating around 500 new homes in the Chesterfield area, William Davis has set out ambitious targets for the homes, also including a primary school and new local centre.  

The development also plans to include retail units and associated services, which will help drive the local economy and bring new job opportunities to the area. The project will also restore a former cricket pitch, create walking and cycling links, and improve public open space.  

The development will have a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses, offering a range of choices for residents, alongside new transport links in and out of the development. 

  • Circa 500 homes
  • 34 Hectare site
  • 2, 3, 4-bedroom homes

BWB's role

Successful application support

We provided crucial services for the Dunston development site, including services used in the successful application from local authorities. Our expertise in these areas helped our Client secure approval, allowing development of the homes to begin.  

Flood risk assessment

Our services we provided included flood risk, drainage design, transport planning, and civil engineering. Due to the local community believing that the site poses serious flood risk, we assessed the area and in partnership with regulatory companies, ascertained the risk levels and ways to combat these. This meticulous assessment ensured the local authorities' understanding of the risks, allowing them to approve.  

Transport planning solutions

Due to the size of the development, transport planning was crucial, especially since it was so close to current new housing. Local communities were worried that due to more homes being built, there would be adverse effects on traffic in the area due to more homes being built. We designed transport solutions to combat this, providing designs that would reduce traffic flow and risk of congestion.