Client: Taylor Wimpey

Project overview

A proposed development of around 1,500 homes, currently in the planning system for determination, will bring affordable homes to the area and improve local amenities. The development is planned to have 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes set within substantial green infrastructure, including large strategic green corridors throughout the proposed scheme.  

The development also plans to create a primary school, a doctors' surgery, local amenities such as shops and cafes, and many other facilities in the area. The development will boost the local economy, bringing in more jobs for the residents and creating a more sustainable future for the site. 

  • 1,450 homes
  • A community hub and health facilities
  • Two-form entry primary school
  • 800sqm of retail
  • Overarching Biodiversity Net Gain

BWB's role

Planning phase expertise

In the initial phase of the development, we provided expertise in the planning stage, delivering assessments and surveys for noise and air quality and providing a deeper understanding of the flood risk and drainage of the area. This was a crucial element of the planning because local residents believed the development would bring additional flooding to the area.

Watercourse modelling and drainage strategy

We provided modelling of the watercourse system, based on our detailed surveys of the watercourse system and accounting for the historic Lord Foley land drainage system. This modelling clearly defined the flood risk constraints to the development and, coupled with our Sustainable Drainage Strategy, demonstrated how the development could be safely delivered in terms of on-site and off-site flood risk. The use of non-standard basin designs allows the local Shetland cattle population to continue to graze and water in the area as part of the Local Authority's own conservation strategy.

Multi-disciplinary advisory services

Other services provided by us included utility supply strategy advice, strategic earthworks and levels advice of the proposed main spine road and associated development parcels, as well as infrastructure delivery advice for the overarching masterplan. We also reviewed Ground Investigation data and provided guidance on the likely foundation solutions required across the site.

Collaborative approach

We worked collaboratively internally to deliver these services to the client across our teams and departments, showcasing our expertise in providing multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental advisory and preliminary design services.