Care, integrate, transform and challenge

Our mission to care, integrate, transform, and challenge is the heartbeat of everything we do at BWB. We apply it to the four areas in which we feel we have the most impact, Projects, People, Place and Planet.

  • Projects

    Our commitment to care and challenge is reflected in how we manage our projects. We ensure that each project is handled meticulously, keeping in mind the specific needs of our clients. By challenging traditional methodologies, we transform how projects are executed, integrating innovative solutions and sustainable practices. This approach has successfully completed thousands of projects, including nationally significant infrastructure projects and cutting-edge real estate schemes.

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  • People

    Our mission guides our interactions with our people, both within and outside the organisation. We care for our team by providing a supportive work environment that fosters growth and development. We constantly challenge them to enhance their skills, leading to personal transformation. Through integration, we ensure that our team’s diverse perspectives and expertise are incorporated into our operations and project planning.

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  • Place

    Our mission extends to the places we work in and the communities we serve. We care for the socio-economic wellbeing of our local communities by engaging with stakeholders, supporting local supply chains, creating employment opportunities, and delivering social value outcomes.

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  • Planet

    We apply our vision to our approach towards our planet. We care deeply about the environmental impact of our work and are committed to minimising it. We aim to transform our operations into low-carbon, sustainable solutions by challenging the industry’s standard practices. Our commitment extends to integrating these sustainable practices in all our projects, aligning our business objectives to preserve our planet for future generations.

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The BWB Person

Noun: A driven and resilient professional who thrives on a reputation for delivering success for our Clients and people. Personable and perceptive, with the ability to influence, lead and support. Dedicated to building strong and enduring reciprocal relationships.

Our values

  • Collaborative

    Your team and colleagues should be your toughest critics, your biggest challengers and your loudest supporters. Together, we are stronger.

  • Curious

    We go beyond delivering what works; we discover what delights. We want explorers, people who are willing to go to new places and are open to testing and learning as they go.

  • Friendly

    We are vulnerable, transparent human beings who speak from the heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth.

  • Innovative

    Thinking differently is in our DNA. We believe in a workplace where we can push the boundaries of the norm and learn from things that don’t always go according to plan.

  • Passionate

    We work with urgency to solve problems. We take pride in our work and bring our A-game to all interactions. We never settle for anything but the best.

  • Proactive

    Every day we take initiative with integrity and courage to make our company better.

  • Trustworthy

    We build trust on actions, not words, through constructive, honest communication with integrity and compassion.