Achieving true sustainability

We understand that to achieve true sustainability we must assess our impacts from a triple-bottom-line perspective. Focusing on the three fundamental pillars of sustainability, we aim to ensure our actions are assessed and quantified from a social, environmental and economic perspective.

We have a clear and meaningful mission: to care, integrate, transform and challenge. This ethos guides our approach across four main areas where we believe we can make the most substantial impact – our projects, people, place, and planet.

  • Projects

    The economic and environmental impacts of our work can be vast, and the social impact on the communities affected can be transformational. We are proud of the impact for positive change that we make and the key role we play in helping to deliver our Clients’ projects in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

  • People

    Our greatest asset is our people. Our vision guides our interactions with our people, both within and outside the organisation. We care for our team by providing a supportive work environment that fosters diversity, growth and development.

  • Place

    Our vision also extends to the places we work in and the communities we serve. We care for the socio-economic wellbeing of our local communities by engaging with stakeholders, supporting local supply chains, creating employment opportunities, and delivering social value outcomes.

  • Planet

    We care deeply about the environmental impact of our work and are committed to minimising it. We aim to transform our operations into low-carbon, sustainable solutions by challenging the industry’s standard practices. Our commitment extends to integrating these sustainable practices in all our projects, aligning our business objectives to preserve our planet for future generations.

Supporting our local communities

We have a long track record and a strong commitment to supporting local, national and international charities and a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that encourages our people to undertake voluntary work and participate in STEM activities to reach young people.

We not only want to build better, more sustainable places, but we want to build better, more resilient communities too. To drive maximum benefit for our society, we assess the needs of our local communities and select regional charities to support this, our current partnerships are with:


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