Client: Clowes (CWS)

Project overview

Fairham Pastures is located on the Southern edge of Nottingham and is a residential development comprising of 3000 dwellings, employment, schools, community buildings, extensive footpaths and cycleways, and a comprehensive green infrastructure strategy, including a new community park.

The development boasts excellent transport links, close to Nottingham's tram network and alongside the A453. Fairham will create a thriving new community and neighbourhood that is well-planned, safe and friendly, with a vibrant mix of residential and commercial sites designed and built to the highest standards.

  • 3,000 new homes
  • £100m of new infrastructure
  • 2,000+ new jobs
  • £1m sq. ft. of commercial employment space
  • 200 acres of parkland and open space
  • 4 mils of shared foot and cycle paths

BWB's Role

Innovative engineering solutions

Tasked with designing all the on-site infrastructure, we delivered expert solutions for highways, drainage, earthworks, and utilities. Providing a multi-disciplinary range of services for the project, we worked collaboratively to meet requirements.  

Navigating complex challenges

The key to this project was designing all the infrastructure to meet a phased development build-out programme. We took the lead and provided invaluable advice, which enabled the infrastructure to be delivered in a phased manner without compromising safety, accessibility or programme. 

We also managed the site's extensive earthworks, ensuring minimal environmental impact while laying a robust foundation for the development parcels. This included a precise balance in cut and fill operations and designing a gravity-based sewerage system.  

Collaborative excellence

Collaboration has been key to the success of this project. Working with landscape architects and local authorities, we have ensured that the project's design blends with its natural surroundings, reflecting a balanced and environmentally conscious approach.