Resilient energy solutions for a sustainable future

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero forecasts that the UK’s share of low-carbon electricity generation will surge from 54% to 91% by 2040, highlighting the need for resilient and sustainable infrastructure.

We have built our expertise in the energy sector on tangible projects that have propelled the expansion of renewable and clean energy generation. Whether designing foundations for wind farms or delivering energy-from-waste facilities, we excel in creating and adapting infrastructure for renewable energy production.

Through our robust environmental capabilities, we conduct feasibility assessments, specialise in Development Consent Orders, and implement waste management strategies. Our comprehensive whole-life and embodied carbon assessments, further enhance the environmental credentials of our projects. As a result, BWB is actively contributing to shaping a more sustainable future.

  • Sustainable solutions

    We design our projects with environmental and social sustainability at their core.

  • Industry understanding

    Thorough industry understanding, experience, and knowledge of various renewable energy, storage, and transmission projects.

  • Efficient delivery

    Responsive and agile, we collaborate with stakeholders to deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Quality and compliance

    Upholding stringent standards for safe, compliant, high-quality projects.


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