Designing healthy urban spaces

At BWB, we help bring cities to life by repurposing vacant buildings, preserving cultural heritage, and creating mixed-use developments catering for diverse needs. Schemes that promote economic vitality and environmental sustainability, whilst contributing to the long-term prosperity and wellbeing of urban communities.

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service that informs development proposals to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, occupiers, and end users. Identifying constraints and risks at an early stage is pivotal to delivering success for our clients, whilst integrating sustainable design principles such as green spaces, active travel and energy efficiency benefits all stakeholders.

Our collaborative approach includes managing stakeholder engagement throughout the design process to ensure local requirements and aspirations are acknowledged and met. Ensuring planning and regulatory compliance, as well as fostering community integration to deliver successful outcomes for all.

  • Thorough due diligence

    We conduct comprehensive assessments to ensure project viability and reduce development risk.

  • Complete design services

    From pre-planning to civil and structural design, we provide a seamless, one-stop solution.

  • Sustainable solutions

    We embed sustainability into all projects, balancing our client’s needs with environmental considerations.

  • Collaborative approach

    We build strong partnerships, collaborating closely with stakeholders to ensure a successful project outcome.

  • Healthy places

    Advising master planners to create environments that enhance wellbeing and protect nature.

  • Future-ready solutions

    Digital twins, predictive modelling, and flexible designs allow for efficient operations that minimise carbon use and provide resilience for potential future adaptation.


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