Improving Wildlife Habitats: BWB and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Deliver Sustainable Solutions


Wildlife conservation and habitat enhancement are integral to improving local environments and enhancing the quality of life of local wildlife species. We are working closely with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to make this a reality across three watercourses within the Idle catchment.

The project is part of the Three Rivers Restoration Project, which aims to deliver a range of improvements across three watercourses; Rainworth Water, Vicar Water and the Bevercotes Beck. The overall project is a partnership between Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Severn Trent Water. 

Projects and Goals

Central to this collaboration are projects with dual objectives: enhancing watercourses and their associated infrastructure and supporting and improving the area’s biodiversity.  

BWB is contributing significantly to the project by undertaking watercourse surveys (including the use of remote controlled survey platform for surveying the waterbodies within the area), creating a series of hydraulic models to analyse flood risk, and in turn, produce a series of Flood Risk Assessments, needed for final designs.

A close up look at the river channel, taken at Vicar Water
A close-up look at the river channel, taken at Vicar Water


The partnership is aiming to achieve a range of positive results, with some of the aims being:

  • Improved Flood Defences: Through our expertise in flood risk and mitigation, we are providing key insights and surveys, to future-proof the restoration project.
  • Enhanced Water Quality:  Work is proposed to improve and enhance the water quality for aquatic and land-based local wildlife. Such measures include the removal of culverted sections of watercourse through ‘daylighting’ and the carrying out of channel modifications.

Revitalised Habitats

The restoration projects will rejuvenate ecosystems, providing vital habitats for a wide variety of species and promoting biodiversity. An example of this is the inclusion of fish passes at strategic locations on the watercourses to encourage fish migration. Why Choose BWB

We are experts in water management and flood risk, having extensive experience in the sector and providing countless solutions to various industries and clients. Our combination of engineering innovation, commitment to sustainability and ability to deliver multi-disciplinary services enables us to offer exceptional results.


The Three Rivers Restoration Project demonstrates how environmental engineering and ecological enhancements can work hand in hand to achieve significant, positive outcomes. For organisations aiming to implement both efficient and sustainable water management strategies through river restoration, our collaboration with Nottingham Wildlife Trust provides a powerful example of collaborative success.

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