BWB's Mock Public Consultation Drives Sustainable Development Progress

Committed to providing valuable skills and experience for our people, BWB challenged teams to learn more about public consultations.

Creating Places for Everyone

As part of our commitment to creating places for everyone, the process of consulting with stakeholders and the public is central to the success of our projects. Much like a mock trial, the purpose of our very first mock public consultation was to develop the skills of our teams and put our people to the test by simulating a real public consultation event.

Across BWB, our people quickly formed a mock project team. Tasked with researching a site and preparing to answer questions from other BWB colleagues imitating members of the public, each team also undertook an initial site appraisal to understand the constraints and opportunities to inform a masterplan for development.

Three members of BWB staff discussing the mock consultation project around a foamex board with information on

Digital Engagement Approach by Deetu

Led by our internal consultation and communication specialists Deetu, who have experience on projects such as Holt Town, Fiddler’s Ferry and Greyfriars. Ahead of the event, Deetu shared this expertise with the team. These included Deetu’s innovative five-step approach to digitally led engagement, and best practices for undertaking physical consultation events.

It was fantastic to see over 50 colleagues coming together from across multiple teams and office locations around the country as one project team. Their expertise from across various disciplines was instrumental in ensuring a comprehensive and valuable experience.”

Director of Place, Josh Dickerson

BWB’s Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

The mock project team formed expertise from consultants with backgrounds in:

  • Transport Planning
  • Highways Design
  • Active Travel
  • Air Quality
  • Acoustics
  • Ground Contamination
  • Heritage
  • Flood Risk
  • Drainage Design
  • Ecology
  • Climate Change
  • Social Infrastructure

“This collaborative exercise was a shining example of BWB’s commitment to designing with sustainability and engagement at forefront of our approach, and I’m confident the learnings from this exercise will prove invaluable in future projects.”

Sustainable Design Director, Iqbal Rassool

Commitment to Sustainable Development

By undertaking this mock consultation, we are committed to public engagement and fostering sustainable development solutions that address community needs. This has been a valuable training exercise for our professionals, while laying the groundwork for future multidisciplinary consultations in the future.

A view of the mock consultation set up before anyone entered the room to discuss

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