Buildings & the Built Environment (BBE) Group This group include structures and mechanical & electrical building services. Groups
Environment Group This group includes ground solutions, water, environmental planning, acoustics & air quality (AAQ). Groups
Rail Group This group includes track design, rail buildings & civils. Groups
Transport & Infrastructure Group This group includes design infrastructure, design development and planning. Groups
Advance Group The Advance group work on multidisciplinary projects across the transport, residential, commercial, industrial, education, health, and retail sectors. Groups
Project Management (PM) Group The PM group provide a range of professional project management services across all sectors of the property and construction industry. Groups
Deetu Deetu offer digitally led planning public consultation, policy consultation and digital transformation. Groups
Corporate Servcies Group Our corporate services group include finance, human resources, information technology, business & risk assessment, corporate affairs & communication, and resilient income. Groups