BWB showcases multidisciplinary expertise for Deakins Place project

Located in Radford, Nottingham, Deakins Place is a £32m, 703 bed student accommodation that lies within the active flood plain adjacent to the River Leen.

BWB performed hydraulic modelling of the site to determine the required volume of water – flood compensation – required to be held on site during flooding so as not to negatively impact properties and land downstream. The building itself was positioned outside of the flood compensation area and elevated above the flood level.

BWB concluded that the existing sheet pile wall flanking the River Leen was structural adequate for a minimum of 30 years. This assessment provided large savings in time and cost for clients Cassidy Group by ensuring they did not have to remove and replace the existing infrastructure.

The structure is seven storeys and approximately 150m long and was designed as a steel frame building for speed of construction. The size of the building required it to be split into three separate structures to allow the underlying steel to thermally expand and contract without damaging the external and internal finishes.

As well as this, an oval shaped amenity structure was also designed. This unusual form, sedum roof and glazing along the entire perimeter required careful design of curved steel members roof members.

‘Deakins Place is a milestone achievement that highlights the best of what BWB has to offer. It is through our multidisciplinary expertise that we are able to overcome the numerous design challenges and deliver this major student accommodation development in a prime location in Nottingham. It is our hope that this development will attract many new students to Nottingham and its renowned universities for many years to come.’

BWB Structural Engineer Josh Alfred who was involved in the project