Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Project overview

At the forefront of technological innovation, The Wynyard Data Centre in the North East of England is a testament to Hewlett Packard Enterprises' commitment to leading-edge technology and environmental sustainability. As a pivotal player in the data management sector, the facility redefines design practices. It sets a precedent for future data centres, aligning technology infrastructure with the imperative of minimising environmental impact. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprises entrusted BWB with the transformation of this 360,000 sq. ft. facility, formerly an old transport warehouse, into one of the world's largest and most environmentally friendly, energy-efficient data facilities. The building accommodates no less than 10 number 2MW Standby Generator sets in addition to HV supply transformers, UPS Systems and associated switchgear, providing prime and back-up power resilience for the facility.  

This project ventured into uncharted territory, adopting an innovative principle of prototype modular units that facilitated seamless expansion without disruption to critical services. 

  • 360,000 sq. ft. facility
  • One of the world's greenest eco-friendly designed computing facilities
  • One of the largest naturally air-cooled buildings globally
  • Uses 40% less energy than traditional data centre facilities
  • Autonomous back-up power resilience

BWB's role

Navigating complexities

As the structural engineer, we played a crucial role in the delivery of Hewlett Packard's World Class Wynyard Data Centre project, especially in integrating a new hall within an operational facility. This task demanded a deep understanding of structural engineering and a commitment to efficient collaboration. A significant challenge involved adapting the existing infrastructure, particularly the floor slab and superstructure, to the new requirements. 

Challenges and solutions

The primary challenge was retrofitting the existing warehouse infrastructure to meet the project's advanced technological and environmental standards. Our innovative solution involved the design of an independent internal structural steel frame, allowing for the integration and performance of high-tech modular units without compromising the structural integrity of the building. The result was a harmonious marriage of form and function, of critical infrastructure aligning with the aspirations, environmental operating parameters and the exacting needs of our Client. 

Collaboration excellence

Efficient collaboration was the cornerstone of our success, involving close coordination between all design team members, stakeholders, contractors, suppliers and third parties. This collaborative approach ensured the realisation of our client's vision, overcoming hurdles and delivering a transformative data centre that goes beyond the ordinary and exemplifies technological advancement and environmental stewardship.