Client: Jones Bros

Project overview

The Westwood Park Lane Road encompasses 2.3km of dual carriageway. The project set out to revitalise a disused railway route, converting a single-lane road to a dual carriageway along the existing Westwood Park Internal Access Road. 

The project included key components such as a large roundabout, a complex junction reconstruction, and four highway bridges spanning an existing road, a watercourse and two canals. 

The A49 link road has provided a new attractive dual carriageway gateway between the M6 and Wigan, addressing congestion concerns, air quality issues, along with maintenance issues on previous roads.  

  • 2.3km of dual carriageway
  • 4 underbridges
  • Large roundabout
  • £15 million construction cost

BWB's role

Leaders in design

As Lead Designer on the project, BWB ensured the successful delivery of the A49 Link Road. To help deliver the design, BWB provided highway, geotechnical, structural and environmental design support, demonstrating a multidisciplinary approach to infrastructure design.   

Success in tenders

BWB worked collaboratively with its contractor partner to develop a value engineered design at the Tender Stage which was aligned the Client’s requirements and brief.  

Construction phase

Throughout the construction phase, BWB remained actively involved, performing the formal role of Works Examiner for structures and Designers’ Geotechnical Advisors for earthwork elements. This ongoing engagement ensured a seamless transition from design through to construction. BWB also achieved over 250,000 hours worked with no lost-time in health and safety incidents, showing its dedication to detail and excellence in delivery. 

Construction challenges

To minimise long and difficult haulage routes of material, BWB innovatively designed the new highway over an existing road, a watercourse, and two canals to achieve a relative cut/fill balance within each road section, between each bridge feature.   

BWB managed the design process for all structures from approval in principle through to completion, which included working closely with specialist suppliers. The innovative use of prestressed concrete decks, reinforced earthworks, and modular block systems showcased BWB’s proficiency in overcoming detailed requirements and construction challenges. 

Pedestrian infrastructure

BWB’s scope of work included the design of two pedestrian and cycle footbridges. These structures accommodate non-motorised user-routes, promoting sustainability and inclusive urban mobility.