Client: IM Properties

Project overview

Peddimore, a strategically important development in Birmingham, is set to become a critical economic asset in the Midlands. Spanning 71 hectares on the outskirts of Birmingham, close to essential transport routes, this high-quality development is designed to be a premier location for national and international manufacturing and logistics businesses.

The project's vision, underpinned by IM Properties, focuses on creating a workplace environment that is not only functional but also enriches work-life balance. This development will bring significant employment opportunities to the region.

  • Location

    On the periphery of Birmingham, adjacent to key transport routes.

  • Size

    71 hectares, offering substantial space for development.

  • Economic impact

    Expected to provide numerous employment opportunities in the Midlands.

  • Development approach

    Emphasises flexibility, sustainability, and a commitment to placemaking.

  • Connectivity

    Benefits from immediate access to major transport links, including the M1 motorway

BWB's role

BWB played a crucial part in the transformation of Peddimore, providing a range of comprehensive services:

Initial stages

BWB produced specifications for site remediation, utilities, infrastructure management, and earthworks. Our expertise was crucial in ensuring the site was prepared for safe and optimised development.

Transport and highway strategy

Recognising the importance of connectivity, we crafted a comprehensive transport and highway strategy. This included new highway construction and major modifications to the existing A38 and surrounding network, enhancing the accessibility of Peddimore.

Environmental commitment

We conducted an exhaustive Environmental Impact Assessment emphasising sustainable and eco-friendly development. This included upholding high building design standards and integrating substantial landscaping.

Engineering and construction

The civil and structural engineering process was a highlight of our involvement, including the creation of 'smart' buildings employing novel battery technology. The project involved significant construction tasks, including extensive earthworks and new highway development.