Client: HBD

Markham Vale is a 200-acre business park that is located at a prime industrial, distribution, and commercial development area in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The park sits in the heart of the UK's motorway network, between Sheffield and Nottingham. It benefits from immediate access to the M1 motorway via a new dedicated junction, J29A, making it one of the UK’s premier logistics locations.

The project offers a diverse range of industrial, warehouse, and office accommodations across 13 acres of serviced land. All plots offer a flexible design and build option on a freehold or leasehold basis to meet various occupier requirements. The regeneration project is a joint venture between Derbyshire County Council and Henry Boot Developments and is among the UK's largest Enterprise Zone developments. HBD commissioned BWB Consulting at the early stages of the project. Our role has been pivotal to the development of this project, leveraging our expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for the former Markham Vale colliery site.

  • Location and accessibility

    Prime location in the heart of the UK's motorway network, with direct access to the M1 motorway via Junction J29A.

  • Size

    The development spans 200 acres.

  • Diverse accommodations:

    Offers industrial, warehouse, and office spaces across 13 acres of serviced land.

  • Flexible design options

    Plots are available with design and build options on a freehold or leasehold basis.

  • Joint venture

    A collaborative project between Derbyshire County Council and Henry Boot Developments.

  • Enterprise zone

    Part of the UK's extensive Enterprise Zone developments.

BWB's role

Initial site specifications

We were responsible for producing the specifications for the entire site's remediation, utilities, infrastructure management, and earthworks. This task was crucial to ensure the site was safe, functional and optimised for development.

Pre-planning services and design solutions

We delivered a suite of pre-planning services and civil and structural design for each plot. These included a comprehensive noise and air quality assessment, flood risk, transport planning, site investigation, and earthworks validation. Following this, detailed designs for drainage, internal floor slabs, associated machinery pits, earthworks, external works, and structural frames were developed.

Earthworks validation and construction support

The earthworks validation for individual plots was also a key part of our responsibilities. This ensured all plots were adequately prepared and secure for construction, thereby minimising potential risks and issues during the build process.

Ongoing development

Due to our proficient project management, several facilities have been successfully completed. They are now occupied by well-known businesses such as Ready Egg, Inspirepac, Holdsworth Foods, Meter Provida, Andrew Page, Squadron Medical, and Gould Alloys.

We are still actively involved in developing additional plots.