Client: Keltbray

Project overview

In partnership with National Highways, Keltbray embarked on the £49.8m M621 Junctions 1 to 7 Improvement Scheme. This project enhances the safety and efficiency of a crucial urban motorway in Leeds, supporting the region's economic growth and community wellbeing. 

The primary objective of this scheme is to alleviate the heavy congestion experienced during peak times and reduce low-speed collisions and shunts. The project, therefore, promises a more reliable and safer journey for motorists. 

The improvement works include the construction of additional vehicle lanes on the motorway between junctions 3 and 1 westbound as well as around the junction 2 roundabout. Technology works are also a key part of the scheme, with new systems installed to manage traffic flow more effectively and improve the information provided to motorists. 

  • £49.8 million budget
  • Improvements across 6.5 km
  • Extra lanes on the westbound motorway and the junction 2 roundabout
  • Technology improvements

BWB's Role

Project objectives

We were appointed to lead the infrastructure design work, including geotechnics, highway design, and ecology. Our work was pivotal in ensuring the project's goals were achieved, particularly in easing congestion and enhancing road safety.  

Due diligence

We were instrumental in identifying key geometric issues with the base design that would otherwise have compromised the network's capacity and safety. Whilst this led to the scope of works being extended, it enabled critical highway enhancements to be addressed, ensuring a safer project was delivered. 

We developed a holistic and innovative solution to the highly constrained urban motorway between junctions 2 and 3, challenging the previous design to improve road users' safety and make it easier to construct. Combined with this, we undertook detailed structural and geotechnical appraisals of both existing and new infrastructure to ensure the overall project delivered a low-maintenance solution. 

Our project managers played a crucial role in the scheme's day-to-day management, providing invaluable support to Keltbray's project management efforts. 

Stakeholder engagement

We supported National Highways throughout this project, offering crucial advice and designs for the completion of the project. Regular engagement with stakeholders, including Leeds City Council and local communities, has been a key aspect of the project. This engagement has helped to manage expectations and address any concerns, ensuring a smooth progression of the scheme.