Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Project overview

Part of Hewlett Packard's (HP) vital data management network, the Doxford Data Centre in the North East of England serves as a critical element, ensuring the resilience and continuity of the overall data network. Strategically located near to the Wynyard data centre, Doxford functions as a vital backup and fail-safe system, providing a robust foundation for data management. HP recognised the need to enhance service continuity and fortify its network capabilities, leading to the commissioning of a significant extension to the existing Doxford Data Centre, with BWB delivering its renowned data centre building and infrastructure engineering expertise. 

  • 2,400m2 extension, comprising three data halls
  • Accommodation of critical external plant services
  • Extension and expansion of a secure & operationally live data centre environment
  • Modular Expansion
  • Environmentally sensitive design to minimise and mitigate intrusive construction operations

BWB's role

Engineering excellence

We were appointed civil and structural engineers for the project, which consisted of creating a 2,400m2, three-hall data centre extension of a live facility alongside critical external plant services.

Planning for the future

Our expertise played a pivotal role in designing the extension to be adaptable for swift future expansions to critical services. This forward-thinking design incorporated a new innovative principle involving prototype modular units, ensuring ease of accessibility and expansion for the future of the data centre.

Innovative solutions

Our expertise was crucial in overcoming the project's challenges. The innovative use of ground improvement techniques and CFA piles ensured the project's viability despite the tight constraints and challenging ground conditions.

Detailed designs

We showcased its experience and proficiency by designing the building to BIM Level 2 (ISO19650). The design meticulously considered the coordination of the building structure with mechanical and electrical services within a shallow head height. The building was constructed with hot-rolled steel framing on piled foundations. It features a modular facade system, ensuring both rigidity and future-proofing.