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Fish geek with a love for ecology (especially rivers). Fun-loving and hardworking, you will usually find me with a smile on my face.

Why I decide to do what I do

I became an environmental consultant because it is something that I am passionate about. I love the environment and I want to protect it. There is a general belief that engineers and environmentalists don’t get on (which is largely true) however, I think this is gradually changing and both sides understand that we need to work together to achieve our goals. I hope to be the catalyst for this at BWB.

My potted history

I was born in Nottingham, but moved away to do my degree in Hull. Once completed, I knew I wanted to do further education but I couldn’t afford it, so I moved home and got an administration job at the British Geological Survey. After a year I took a month’s unpaid leave to follow my passion for the environment. I worked for a month at the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies in Hull and while I was there a PhD was advertised funded by the Environment Agency, studying the feeding ecology of larval fish in freshwater ecosystems. I was successfully interviewed for this and spent the next four years quite happily playing around in rivers (obviously it was a bit harder than that!). I then got a job as an Environmental Monitoring Officer for the Environment Agency carrying out and analysing their Water Framework Directive surveys for fish, macrophytes and invertebrates. This was only a temporary contract, so whilst looking for another job, I found BWB, and the rest as they say, is history.

The best project I have ever worked on at BWB

The most interesting project I have worked on is the East Midlands Gateway development at Kegworth. This is a huge project with a number of watercourses on site that have the potential to be influenced by the development. Water Framework Directive Assessments (WFDA) are relatively new, and the site and development is so large and varied that there are a lot of potential problems to get my head around. I love a challenge!

What I like to do in my spare time

In my spare time I like to keep fit by biking and swimming. I also like baking cakes, reading and watching films. Most of all, I like going on holiday and eating fine food and drink with my boyfriend.

What I hope to be doing 5 years from now

I will hopefully be a Senior Environmental Consultant, leading a team of ecologists in WFDA bliss.

Dr. Lauren Tewson

BSc. Aquatic Zoology (Hons), PhD (Fisheries science/biological sciences)

Environmental Consultant