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Slightly erratic but motivated Geographer, self-appointed Social Activities Director. Often too verbose for my own good.

Why I decide to do what I do

I've always been fascinated with the environment and the natural world around me. My Geography degree sparked an interest in natural hazards, particularly flooding so when I found a job assessing flood risk it really appealed to those interests.

My potted history

I was born and raised in Nottingham, living here until I moved to Coventry for University before getting a job back in Nottingham purely by chance and circumstance. Before I moved away I spent close to 10 years working part-time at Chilwell Manor Golf Club in the clubhouse serving some pretty interesting characters. They were very relaxed and were thoroughly impressed with my hair-dying phase which now is thankfully long behind me.

My time at University was the typical cliche, some study mixed in with plenty of "socialising" and fully embracing the student way of life. My degree was a joint-honours degree resulting in a BSc in Geography with Natural Hazards, focussing on the interesting stuff like volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. It also came with an industrial placement at the British Geological Survey where I worked for a year on some really interesting projects that gave me the experience I needed for a graduate job.

I started at BWB back in 2007; originally on another summer placement which then turned into a part-time job during the holidays of my final University year before finally becoming a full-time job once I'd graduated. I've worked my way through the ranks from Graduate Engineer to Senior Environmental Consultant, somehow managing to fit in a part-time Masters degree in 2010-2012.

The best project I have ever worked on at BWB

Two sites near to Rossington on opposite sides of the River Torne; one for a residential scheme (formerly a proposed site of an Eco-Town - remember those?!) on the old colliery site and the other for an Inland Intermodal Port, on low-lying IDB-pumped fields.

This was actually some of the first work I was ever involved in at BWB, but both sites have changed so much since I started that planning permissions for both were only granted in 2012. With both sites having varying degrees of flood risk and drainage issues, such as potential floodplain extents, defence breach from the riverside embankments, reliance on a pumped watercourse system to prevent flooding, the possibility of surcharged drainage outfalls because of river levels that were higher than some parts of the site it gave me experience doing pretty much everything the Water Service Line gets involved in.

With site clearance work due to start on the residential scheme towards the end of 2013 and a very ambitious construction schedule on the Inland Port site, it seems I may get to see the fruits of this labour before too long.

What I like to do in my spare time

I'm currently a member of White Tiger Kickboxing club, training twice a week where I've currently been graded up to my Brown belt. That only leaves one more before the dreaded Black belt grading! After spending so long working at the Golf Club I don't mind picking up the sticks on the occasional weekend, so long as it's warm, sunny and not too windy. The same goes for clay pigeon shooting, which I've got more interested in after a couple of fairly successful taster sessions.

My new obsession is currently my Raspberry Pi; effectively a small computer that you can code to do various things. It's a way of learning different computer programming languages and actually putting them to use.

What I hope to be doing 5 years from now

Hopefully, I will be doing something that uses all my acquired skills and knowledge to its fullest potential, but also teaches me something new as often as possible.

Daniel Allum-Rooney

BSc (Hons) MSc

Team Leader