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Hardworking, self motivated, semi skilled engineer! and a MAMIL at the weekends when family allows.

Why I decide to do what I do

When I left school I wanted to be a draughtsman as I liked technical drawing at school. It was the mid 80's and at the time they had apprenticeship schemes called YOP (Youth Opportunities Programme) so I applied to local Nottingham companies such as Raleigh, Plessey, Boots and a small engineering practice - James-Carrington & Partners. Got the apprenticeship at J-C&P and never looked back.

My potted history

Started at 17 at J-C&P and got a good grounding in engineering, on the drawing board in those days. Then moved to Kenchington Little & Partners at 19 and stayed there for 9 years. Worked on and gained more experience on lots of Sainsbury stores and Showcase Cinemas. KLP went thru a few name changes as it merged and eventually got swallowed up by WSP.

I then joined BWB and helped start the Derby office where I worked thru the ranks from engineer to where I am now as Business Unit Manager in the Nottingham office. My knowledge has come from working at all levels within consultancy rather than via a more traditional academic route.

The best project I have ever worked on at BWB

So many to choose from but recently I would say the National Distribution Centre at EMDC for Clowes and M&S. Hugh portal framed building, 25m to eaves, with a 5 storey mezzanine structure internally which was 200m in either direction. Building on a giant scale.

What I like to do in my spare time

I have a wife and two daughters, 10 and 8, so most of my time is spent with them and running them around to their activities such as swimming, ballet, brownies and guides. For myself I like reading, watching films (good way to unwind and lose yourself for a couple of hours) and for sport I like cycling for which I have done since I was 13. Every year I go away for a long weekend abroad with 3 mates and our bikes.

What I hope to be doing 5 years from now

I expect not too dissimilar to what I do now, managing the financial and delivery side of the business and working with key clients. More project coordination of multi disciplinary projects rather than actual detailed design.

Peter Davies

ONC-HNC Civil Eng, IEng AMIStructE

Business Unit Manager


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