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Ambitious, inquisitive, geotechnical engineer with a love of large scale engineering projects & the challenges and benefits that they bring.

Why I decide to do what I do

I have been into engineering for as long as I can remember; from building huge dens in the woods behind my house to redirecting streams at the beach. When you combine this with an interest in the environment, it only made sense that I pursue a career that lets me do both.

My potted history

I grew up in the northwest of England. While born in Billinge I spent most of my early years in sunny Warrington. My family was one of the first to move into a large scale residential development, so I got to grow up surrounded by engineering and how it interacts with the surrounding environment.

I did well at my GCSEs and with my interest in the world around me I pursued an Environmental Science path through college and university. After graduating I realised that I wanted to do more than investigate the world, I wanted to shape it. For me this led me down the path of a Geotechnical Engineer.

After self-funding an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering Design and Management at Nottingham Trent University I started my career in Atkins. I spent several years working in their remediation team, in both a geoenvironmental and geotechnical capacity. Many of my projects had a large geoenvironmental bias; initially working on Coal Authority mine water treatment schemes, before moving onto the regeneration of brownfield sites within Stoke on Trent and other developments throughout the Midlands.

Feeling that I needed more management experience to gain Chartered Engineer status, I decided to further my career by moving to Scott Wilson (Later to become URS). This worked as I soon gained Chartered Engineer status through the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management; with the added benefit of becoming a Chartered Water and Environment Manager. My work at Scott Wilson provided me with involvement in a variety of infrastructure schemes. These ranged from motorway widening schemes in the Midlands to developing new pipeline routes in Azerbaijan. It was during my time at Scott Wilson that I really gained an appreciation of the geology with which I worked and consequently I became a Fellow of the Geological Society.

Having reached a point in my career were I was desiring more responsibility, I decided it was time to look for my next role. I initially moved to GRM as a Senior Geotechnical Engineer, and in this role I got to work on a variety of housing development projects. My time there was memorable but short, as I was soon approached by BWB with an offer of larger engineering projects and the position of Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Ultimately I accepted the offer and that is where my story is up to at this point in time…

The best project I have ever worked on at BWB

Having only just joined BWB I have only experienced a small number of projects. The projects have been varied, but I have already been able to offer our clients value engineering on both commercial developments and highway schemes. With this as an introduction and running theme I am already looking forward to answering this question in a year’s time.

What I like to do in my spare time

Lots of things! There’s far too much to do in too little time for someone who’s interested in everything! But I spend most of my ‘spare’ time weight training, writing, socialising with friends, playing with my daughter, reading...

What I hope to be doing 5 years from now

Directing the engineering works for some of the first structures on the moon; it looks simple enough.

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