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A seasoned Transport Planner with Town Planning qualifications. Firm client focus building and nurturing strong professional relationships with a personal and down to earth approach.

Why I decide to do what I do

I wanted to be a pilot but was told I wasn't tall enough due to height limits so thought I would get involved in their development instead!

My potted history

Being a slow starter academically during school I improved as the fog lifted with where I was heading in terms of a career. This resulted in heading to Westminster University in London on what started as a Civil Engineering Degree. Switching after 6 months to a Housing Management and Development Degree I eventually transferred to Leeds Metropolitan University having cost my parents too much living the life in London.

In Leeds I was allowed to transfer the credits I had achieved from London to the Urban Development and Planning degree course and 1 and half years later graduated. During this time I was working full time for a banking call centre covering the evening shift so together with what was a fairly active social life I was very busy!

On graduation I applied for jobs from Inverness to Bristol and got my first opportunity with Birmingham City Council in their Transport Policy and Planning Department. After 1 year I moved to the private sector with a large consultancy in their Coventry office. By now I was keen to move back to my roots in Yorkshire so moved to a large consultancy to join their Leeds office.

After 13 years I wanted to move from the larger multinational consultancy firms who in my experience were not as dynamic and forward thinking to keeping abreast of the changing industry and what clients expect so having been offered a great opportunity to join the Leeds office of BWB Consulting jumped in to take the challenge!

The best project I have ever worked on at BWB

I am relatively new in my role with BWB so only have a limited number of projects to draw on. Fortunately the few to date have been exciting such as the redevelopment of a large former hospital site in the NE to provide approximately 400 houses. Very interesting site due to historical buildings and really enjoyed working with the project team.

What I like to do in my spare time

I really enjoy traveling and will spend a lot of time researching about the world, destinations and then planning how to get there! I also enjoy reading and watching films.

What I hope to be doing 5 years from now

I would like to still be working for BWB.I have no doubt of the company's future growth and position and hope to have been a part of its success.

Shazad Khan




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