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A proven professional living & breathing the exciting opportunities BWB provides. A focus firmly on people/projects not process/procedure!

Why I decide to do what I do

All the usual reasons - good at maths & science; logical and practical; took an active interest in construction from an early age - often found exploring the wonders that building sites hold for curious children (in the days when they weren't securely fenced off and patrolled !)

Despite the total absence of role models, parental guidance or careers counselling ( 1970s comprehensives were not at the forefront of enlightened education!) I instinctively knew I wanted a professional career that would provide an opportunity to make my mark, make a difference to society/quality of life (I was a kid from a council estate in NE England so, believe me, I knew this subject area) and allow me to travel and discover what life could offer a lad who would never be content with 'ordinary'!!

My potted history

Born in Sunderland, but escaped to go to University in cosmopolitan Manchester! Graduated in a recession, but beat off stiff competition to get a Graduate Engineer role at Notts County Council. Fell in love with Nottingham, now my adopted city, and been here since 1982. I obtained excellent training & broad experience at NCC that enabled me to gain Chartered Engineer status in 1987. This in turn enabled me to leave local government to join the world of engineering consultancy.

I joined Travers Morgan & Partners to work on the A46/A17 Newark Relief Road for a year before moving to a newly established TM&P office in Nottingham in 1989. I had 5 years there, gained great experience, then left to join an 'up and coming' practice in The Lace Market called BWB Partnership Ltd. My life was never to be the same again!

The best project I have ever worked on at BWB

Restructuring the business to survive the worst recession in living memory and, with that objective achieved, repositioning it to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are now arising from the renaissance in demand for high quality, high value engineering expertise - both here in the UK and increasingly in the international arena.

What I like to do in my spare time

Foreign travel, especially to areas not plagued my mass tourism, and as much skiing as I can get away with. Eating out/socialising with friends whenever possible. Cinema, theatre, reading and the occasional extreme Sudoku (a great way to relax I find) Going to the gym to keep fit and stay healthy. Following the (mis)fortunes of my beloved SAFC - we all have a cross to bear !

What I hope to be doing 5 years from now

Looking back with immense pride and satisfaction as BWB becomes an unstoppable force in the UK's burgeoning and world-renowned consultancy sector. Hopefully, I'll be leading BWB into major projects in the developing world, thereby achieving my ambition to 'make a difference/put something back' whilst simultaneously satisfying my seemingly insatiable wanderlust !

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