Rail Signalling Design

Our experienced signal design team are capable of delivering signalling solutions spanning the design and replacement of single railway signals through to creating a new complete complex signalling system. We do not work on Network Rail frameworks and so are fully independent from the regulatory authorities and are able to deliver the best value driven solutions for our Clients. We understand legacy and emerging technologies and are able to guide our Clients through all available options in the design of any upgrades or new signalling system.

We understand the design to construction process and the inter-relation of the signalling solution with the whole rail environment and project deliverables. We recognise that the early consideration of the signalling strategy is often essential to derive the optimum solutions. We are agile and capable. Our work encompasses minor upgrade projects to mega new build projects in the UK, Israel and Australia.


Design Specifications/Reports /Interface/Fringe Specification /Reasonable Opportunity Assessment (E810) /Scheme Plan Production and Supporting Calculations /Bonding Plans /Location Plans /Control System VDU/ nterlocking Design: Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Route Relay Interlocking, Westpac Geographical, GEC (AEI-GRS, Scottish Region), E10K/ REB/ Location Wiring /Lineside Equipment: Signals, Train Detection, Point Machines and Level Crossings (All Types) /Final Records/Returns - NRG / RSE Licenced Designers/Verifiers.


Network Rail Assurance Roles: Client Side - DPE and PE, Contractor - CEM and CRE /Systems Engineering and Integration Management /Pre-Feasibility Study and Option Selection Report /Initial Signal Sighting Reports (GRIP 1-3) /Experienced in writing Operational Requirements /Experienced in all legacy technology types (not supplier specific) /MSRP Representation /Installation, Testing and Commissioning Support - DO Cover /Technical Expert - Multi Discipline Design, Project Delivery and Signalling Maintenance.


Planning, Resource/Programme Management (MS Project) /Research/Investigation, Scope Clarification and Requirements Capture /Stakeholder Engagement Workshops, Bid, Estimate, Programme Support /Management of Specialists/Suppliers /Requirements Documentation /BIM Management /Records Requests/Returns - NRG /Version Requests/Control - NRG.


Asset Condition Report /Site Surveys /Detailed Correlation, Equipment, Wiring /Identification of Site Specific Hazards.


Name: Paul Robilliard
Job Title: Service Director - Rail Signalling

E: paul.robilliard@bwbconsulting.com

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Name: Stefan Zalega
Job Title: Executive Director - Rail and International

E: stefan.zalega@bwb-consulting.com

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