Micro-Simulation Modelling

Micro-simulation models replicate the movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians on existing highway networks and predict the impacts of changes to a road network by using psychophysical driver behaviour models and gap acceptance model theories. Base models can be calibrated and validated so that that can be used to forecast the effects of proposed highway changes before they are physically implemented. Microsimulation models have rapidly become a vital tool in the evaluation and development of highway improvement schemes.

BWB's specialist team follow standard techniques to replicate observed traffic conditions to produce microsimulation models using the industry standard software packages of VISSIM and PARAMICS. Almost any conceivable highway network can be modelled, including priority junctions, signalised junctions, bus priority, complex congested networks, option test for development site access strategies and even on-street running for light rail networks.

Our micro-simulation modellers also have extensive highway design and traffic engineering skills to ensure that our Clients can have confidence that our highway solutions are efficient, cost-effective and deliver the best value.

The outputs from the models can be in traditional measures of queues and delay but can also in the form of real-time 3D animated movies which are an effective and convenient way of demonstrating the future operation of a road network at planning committees and public consultations. BWB has produced many such output videos and a selection can be viewed on our Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/BWBConsultingLtd


Name: Paul Wilson
Job Title: Director - T&I Planning

E: Paul.Wilson@bwbconsulting.com

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