Digital Wind Tunnel

Using live wind tunnels to model the airflow through a prospective high rise scheme can be both costly and time consuming, given the lengthy lead in times to book the facility. To avoid abortive costs and programme issues it is vital that the scheme has already been refined and tested for feasibility prior to using the live wind tunnel.

BWB's digital engineers use our Digital Wind Tunnel to quickly assess project feasibility in a virtual simulation. The current power of the software cannot replace the live tunnel, but is good enough to quickly run multiple scenarios and scheme options to rule out those that are unfeasible and allow a scheme to be refined so that it is ready for the live tunnel to verify the virtual analysis.

For a live demo of our Digital Wind Tunnel software or to find out how our digital engineers can add value to your project, please get in touch.


Name: Iwan Lloyd-Smith
Job Title: Group Director - Deetu

E: Iwan@deetu.com

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Name: Jon Frost
Job Title: Head of Digital Services

E: jon@deetu.com

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