Digital Traffic Impact Assessment

The traffic impact of any proposed scheme can be an emotive subject for certain stakeholders such as local residents and end users. It is often difficult to convey the technical analysis contained in a transport assessment report in a format that these important stakeholders can readily comprehend.

Our Digital Traffic Impact Assessment software takes the raw traffic data from the report and presents this in a virtual 3D world, showing real time traffic movements of the 'before and after' development scenarios. The output can be shown to regulatory authorities, at public consultation and to other key stakeholders to demonstrate negligible traffic impacts or even significant traffic improvements that the proposed development would bring. 3D visualisation of the traffic impact is an incredible powerful tool that can help quickly overcome acceptance difficulties that can often frustrate the development process.

For a live demo of our Digital Traffic Impact Assessment software or to find out how our digital engineers can add value to your project, please get in touch.


Name: Jon Frost
Job Title: Head of Digital Services

E: jon@deetu.com

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