Digital Roaming in 3D

Most of our surveys and designs are now captured in 3D. Our digital engineers can utilise the Unity graphics engine from the gaming industry to allow users to roam around the digital environment of our 3D surveys and 3D designs. As well as being a bit of fun, there are practical applications from our 3D roaming service, including:

- A simple 'lie of the land' visualisation assessment of a site survey

- Powerful 3D drive-through along a proposed highway project to check forward visibility

- Powerful unconstrained 3D flythrough of a project to assess visual impact

The interpretation of 2D engineering drawings can often be difficult to non-technical stakeholders and be barriers to timely decisions. 3D roaming and visualisation break down these barriers and can assist in demonstrating project proposals to regulatory officers, statutory consultees and non-technical stakeholders such as council members.

To find out more about our Digital Roaming in 3D service, request this as an 'add-on' to our topographical survey service or simply 'have a spin' around a sample environment, please get in touch.


Name: Iwan Lloyd-Smith
Job Title: Group Director - Deetu

E: Iwan@deetu.com

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Name: Jon Frost
Job Title: Head of Digital Services

E: jon@deetu.com

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