Digital Reality Capture

Digital Reality Capture is our digital modelling service that provides the bridge between 3D laser scanning surveying and digital design. Our digital modellers work with the raw survey data to capture a slice of reality and present it in a suitable form that is workable for designers and digital engineers.

The digital model is the foundation of all design work that follows and it is vital that the method and form of construction for the digital model is tailored specifically to the requirements of the end user. Carefully extracting workable surfaces and elements from a billion points needs an informed eye, but are a billion points needed in the first place? Scope, timing, complexity and level of detail are all variables that can have a large impact on programme and cost and so our digital modellers work hand in hand with our 3D surveyors to ensure that the reality captured and presented fit perfectly with the end user's needs.


Name: Iwan Lloyd-Smith
Job Title: Group Director - Deetu

E: Iwan@deetu.com

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Name: Jon Frost
Job Title: Head of Digital Services

E: jon@deetu.com

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