Carbon Dashboard Solutions

BWB has invested in One Click LCA as its carbon data provider. One Click LCA assessments allows us to work from generic data or manufacturer specific, third-party verified EPDs to create whole lifecycle carbon assessments for infrastructure and building projects.

One Click LCA is the world’s leading construction sector Life-Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration software. The OneClick LCA platform is used in over 100 countries, and it serves manufacturers, consultants, designers, contractors, and investors to decarbonize the entire construction value chain.

Once embodied carbon targets have been set, our design teams can calculate the embodied carbon within the structure of the building over different lifecycles. The Embodied Carbon can be measured and tracked both during the design of the building as well as during the construction.

By combining with the universal Structural Carbon Rating Scheme (SCO2RS) proposed by the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE), we are able to benchmark a project's embodied carbon against other buildings and industry targets. The rating system is analogous to the Energy Performance Certificates used to rate the energy efficiency of properties, with grades from A++ to G encompassing different ranges of embodied carbon.

Once the building design has been created, our engineers can calculate the quantity of each material contained within the primary structures (superstructure plus substructure).