Whitehouse Health Centre

Whitehouse Health Centre


The project aims to provide the wider Whitehouse development in Milton Keynes with a brand-new Health Centre. The Health Centre compromises of a three-storey building, and car park, with ambulance parking. The car park has a designated area for Mammography facility/trailer. The drainage design incorporates SuDS with two swales. Space has been maximised on the site, with two retaining walls that will tie into the site wide infrastructure build by Gallagher.

Site levels had to be raised considerably resulting in a large import of material which was taken from a site wide stockpile. The drainage was free discharging and attenuated downstream as part of the site wide requirements. On site attenuation was provided in swales and filter trenches.

The structure is a 3 storey braced frame formed in steelwork with composite concrete decking. Foundations are formed with concrete pile caps supported on precast concrete piles.

Key Challenges

The infrastructure surrounding the site was not installed prior to construction of the Health Centre Therefore, a temporary and permanent retaining solution were provided.

The car park layout was not adequate considering the turning circle for an ambulance. We provided vehicle tracking layouts to the Architect and Landscape Architect to inform the masterplan layout.

We were able to reduce retaining heights on the project by optimising 1:3 batters which reduced the overall cost of the retaining solution.

We provided cost effective SuDS solutions to meet planning requirements, minimise drainage runs and keep the drainage as shallow as possible.

The client's original intention was to use pad footings. Due to a relatively deep layer of made ground across the site a short driven pile solution was suggested and adopted which saved concrete and time on site.


Darren Hodgson

Darren Hodgson
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