Cystic Fibrosis Unit, City Hospital

Cystic Fibrosis Unit, City Hospital


The new £6.6M Cystic Fibrosis unit at the City Hospital Nottingham aims to provide home-in-hospital for around 250 adult Cystic Fibrosis patients from Nottinghamshire and surrounding.

The building sets a new standard in CF care, leading the way in clinical management, transforming the patient experience, and providing patients with the consistently high-quality care they require. Facilities include outpatient consulting rooms, physiotherapy treatment rooms, exercise pods and gym space looking out onto a private landscaped courtyard with outdoor exercise equipment.

BWB has carried out several site surveys. This included a Geo-Environmental Assessment, Topographical survey, and survey of the existing buildings, helped shape the Project Cost Plan, identified the priorities for detailed investigation and assessment in readiness for the Planning Application, and managed the initial risks.

The main challenges involved in this scheme were working in a live hospital environment as the new building was constructed within a very tight existing car park area. The main link road running at the sides of the building had a considerable level of distance, requiring access from the building to the main road by a small bridge link.

There are several existing underground service trackways across the City Hospital campus. These were identified and surveyed so that most new columns could be positioned to avoid them. Where this couldnt be avoided, the trackway was bridged with steel beams and foundations on either side.

The new building was built tight to existing buildings around one of the main hospital links. The foundations were set back from the existing structure, and cantilever ground beams were installed to support the columns close to the existing building. The main entrance to the new building has a feature Drum on the first floor, and no columns could be positioned within the central atrium. Our scheme incorporates hanging columns from the roof structure to make the floor appear unsupported from below.

Key Challenges

The proposed building has undergone a number of design changes. Early in the project the proposed building was to be constructed on the old laundry site. There are existing buildings on the site that were due to be demolished to make space for the CF building. Due to the time of demolishing the laundry the proposed building was relocated in a current car park area adjacent to the new radiology building.

One of the other major changes was the M&E strategy. The plant equipment is supported on the roof and extra kit was needed to achieve the NHS requirements. We then carried out a quick design check on the building to future proof the building for the extra plant equipment.


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