NG2 Including Experian

NG2 Including Experian


This striking project was phase 1 of a three phase office development designed to centralise Experian's Nottingham operations and provide expansion space.

BWB worked as part of the design team to develop the building design from inception, working closely with the Experian estate team and the client steering group to ensure the client brief and aspirations were met.

The building's trademark 'blue cube' is the executive boardroom that cantilevers out from the building facade on two sides by over 3 metres.

Key Challenges

The structural solution was developed in very close conjunction with the architect and servicing engineers due to the complicated M&E requirements and the innovative layout of the building.

The result is a landmark building in Nottingham providing excellent quality office accommodation for 750 Experian staff and innovative breakout space with catering and conference facilities and a travel shop. Landmark House embraces environmental principles. Whilst 84% of its facade is glazed, this is counterbalanced by a low energy design approach. Passive multi-service chilled beams are used to light and condition the office areas, while natural stack ventilation is achieved in the street.


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Peter Davies
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