Fairham Pastures

Fairham Pastures


The site is located on the southern edge of Nottingham and comprises a residential development of 3000 dwellings, employment, schools, community buildings, extensive footpaths and cycleways, and a comprehensive green infrastructure strategy which includes a new community park.

BWB are appointed to design all the on-site infrastructure, including highways, drainage, earthworks and new utility supplies, complete a Ph1 and P2 Ground Investigation and provide traffic assessment advice.

Amongst the many challenges present by a development of this scale has been the management of the site earthworks to achieve a cut/fill balance, whilst providing a gravity foul and surface water sewerage system, for the majority of such a large development. Ensuring the design is not hard engineered has been overcome by working closely with the landscape architect and the local authority to ensure a balanced approach is achieved for the residential part of the development whilst balancing the needs and ambitions of various stakeholders and interested parties, including Homes England, the local authorities, and perspective purchasers and occupiers.

A continuing changing programme has been managed carefully by BWB to ensure that the design deliverables do not compromise the ambitious build out programme for the residential part of the development.

The development will bring improved amenity space, as well as an extensive network of pedestrian and cycleway facilities which will route through the site. The development also provides a much needed boost to the housing market and bringing forward at least 3000 new dwellings.


Darren Hodgson

Darren Hodgson
Group Director - T&I
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