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John Clark Way, Rushden

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Winvic Construction Limited requested BWB investigate the possible cause of the appearance of voids and excessive settlements noted at commercial / industrial / distribution facilities located at the John Clark Way site. It is understood the site has been developed approximately 10 years prior to this investigative works.

No previous as-built records have been provided by the client for review as part of this works.

BWB Geotechnics undertook review of existing published data in order to scope a ground investigation. On completion of the site works, a Geotechnical Assessment Report (GAR) summarising the factual data and derivation of characteristics geotechnical parameters and subsequent optioneering of the possible causes of the defects noted ta the site. BWB also prepared an End Product Earthworks Specification in and Validation Report in general accordance with the Specification for Highway Works (SHW).

Key Challenges

The main constraints encountered was the non-availability of historical information to review in order to understand how the main earthworks prior to the development of the site was carried out.

Initial site walkover including post investigation assessment of the geotechnical factual data and back analyses indicated that the possible causes of these defects could be due to medium volume change and high swelling potential for changes in moisture content, poor vegetation management, poor crest slope drainage or poor earthworks completion prior to development of the site.

BWB managed geotechnical risk during the design, construction and completion process, providing added value to the client through time saved, value added and reputation saved.

Depending on critical factors such as design life and construction cost element, various optioneering remedial solutions were proposed to solve the issue from a short to long term view.