Hammond Student Accommodation, Chichester

Hammond Student Accommodation, Chichester


BWB's London based M&E team were selected to be part of the Bond Bryan Architects lead design team for this new build student residential development located in Chichester. The development will provide 85 student bedrooms, most containing en-suite, estates offices and a conference suite.

The clients aspiration was to engage with a design team capable and experienced in delivering student residential facilities in a BIM Level 2 compliant environment which both Bond Bryan and BWB were able to demonstrate expertise in with this approach used from concept design through to the current RIBA Stage 3 with ongoing detailed design development also planned to be undertaken to comply with BIM Level 2.

BWB were able to utilise the initial Bond Bryan 3D geometric modelling of the building to inform the environmental design including assessment of the facades thermal performance and fed the outcome of detailed analysis at pre-planning stage back to the project team on a number of elevational treatment options resulting in an agreed solution which informed the cost planning process and was taken through to the planning stage design will help to remove risk in the detailed design stage where elevational design accepted within the planning submission should not need to be amended to permit energy and build fabric performance compliance with mandatory standards.

The new development benefits from connectivity to an existing campus wide district energy scheme and BWB were able to advance the outline design efficiently using our previous knowledge of connecting into district energy systems both from a practically connectivity perspective but also from an energy modelling and Building Regulations compliance viewpoint. Careful consultation was undertaken with the Client and their facilities management team to ensure the emerging design met their requirements and could be easily maintenance during planned maintenance periods.

Key Challenges

A prefabricated solution including offsite corridor and bathroom modules is being promoted on this project which BWB encourage and understand that the benefits of such an approach can only be fully realised if factored into the engineering systems design from an early stage. The project team expect that the pre-fabrication approach will help to reduce the construction period and meet the tight timescales for delivery.