Lewisham Gateway, London

Lewisham Gateway, London


Lewisham Gateway is a PPP venture between Muse Developments, TfL and LB Lewisham. The scheme requires major infrastructure changes to the existing roundabout to create a new improved transport circulation system linking the DLR and mainline railway stations to the town centre. The Ravenbourne and Quaggy Rivers were both diverted and incorporated into new public realm. Pedestrian routes and safety are also greatly improved.

BWB managed the production of the Environmental Statement and authored several of the chapters including Travel Plans, Flood Risk Assessments, Microclimate Wind Studies, Daylighting and Overshadowing. For Phase 2 BWB managed the environmental statements and conformity statements for the section 73 application and subsequent successful Reserved Matters application

Phase 1A consists of 16 and 28 storey towers whilst Phase 1B has towers of 16 and 25 storeys. BWB carried out the design up to RIBA stage D+ for tender of both phases and was retained by the client in a Guardian role to ensure design integrity and quality.

Phase 2 consists of 4 buildings ranging from 5 to 38 storeys for predominantly residential use (PRS and co living) with retail streets at ground level, cinema, gym and co working use classes. Civil and structural design was completed up to stage 3 in 2019 for tender on a design and build basis to main contractors.

Key challenge related to an accelerated programme comprising completion of a complex EIA within 3 month timeframe. Required active management of all contributors to drive the programme.

Key Challenges

As Phase 1A and 1B are very similar it has allowed lessons learnt and Value Engineering developed in Phase 1A to be reviewed and adopted into the designs for Phase 1B where appropriate to achieve cost and programme benefits.

Key challenges for phase 2 were the design of the 38 storey residential tower to ensure overall stability and user comfort based on a minimum size of stiff core with outriggers and the design of the transfer structures below the cinema to create the turning circles and headroom required for service vehicles for the service yard to serve the overall development.


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