1-5 Grosvenor Place

1-5 Grosvenor Place


The project involves the provision of new hard and soft landscaping associated with the construction of a new Luxury Hotel, with 189 keys, and 24-26 residential apartments, all on three basement levels and eight above ground floor plates.

The external works were design up to stage 4 by BDP, and we developed them to stage 5. BDP had specified a Swiss (ACOSIM) system, that didnt meet British Standard (although widely used in Switzerland). This method utilised No-fines concrete, screed, and a Swiss drainage-board. This caused some issue mainly from a warranty side and we had to look for alternatives, such as a traditional RC slab or a Bituminous build up underneath the Paving stones.

A major issue was the need for movement joints in the No-fines concrete which would result in joints on the surface, something the client didnt think would be needed initially. So, some careful design and client management was required to manage client expectations.

We were able to save Careys some construction time, as we changed the levels to make the concrete easier to form and construct.

We were able to provide some cost savings to Careys by providing a BS standard for cropped pavers as opposed to sawn cut which was a huge saving for them. By dealing with ACO directly we were able to reduce the size of some drainage channels that were initially specified.

The Swiss (ACOSIM) system required products from Switzerland however we were able to provide alternative/equivalent products that could be sourced in the UK saving Careys money and delivery costs.

Key Challenges

The project was a luxury hotel close to Hyde Park corner, so this will generate additional income in the local economy as well BWB and Carey’s name being on the project helping to build both our reputations in the high end London market.


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