Royal Mail, Kilmarnock Delivery Office

Royal Mail, Kilmarnock Delivery Office



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Environmental Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions
Flood Alleviation and Mitigation Design
Flood Risk


As part of a due diligence appraisal exercise, property portfolios were assessed specifically in terms of flood risk. A variety of sources were investigated, with a rating system applied ranging from Low to High. Through this process, the Kilmarnock Delivery Office was considered to be at risk from fluvial flooding from the adjacent River Irvine.

The desktop appraisal and conclusions of the screening exercise was corroborated by anecdotal staff accounts and media coverage of a historical flooding event which had affected the building and the surrounding retail park.

A subsequent Flood Risk Assessment outlined the risks with recommendations on mitigation, such as flood evacuation procedures and proprietary flood barrier products. Potential costs associated with retrofitting such flood protection products were also outlined as part of the assessment to allow Royal Mail to decide on an appropriate course of action for flood protection of the property.

Key Challenges

It was essential to ensure minimal impact on the delivery operations for the site whilst protecting people and property. Anecdotal evidence, supplemented by appraisal of local ground levels, suggested floodwater above head height was present, in areas, during the historic flooding event. Naturally evacuation of the site was seen as priority in order to protect staff, delivery vehicles and public mail, followed by a water exclusion strategy to prevent water entry to the building and protect vital sorting machinery. Recommendations on evacuation procedures and proprietary flood barrier products were provided to allow Royal Mail operations staff to adequately prepare and act in the event of future flooding.


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