IKEA Sheffield

IKEA Sheffield


Development of a new 330,000 sq. ft. retail development for IKEA including new retail space, warehousing, external car parking and landscaping.

Due to the history of the site as the former Tinsley Wire Works there was a significant amount of contamination on the site. The site also contained numerous subterranean features such as pits and tunnels that needed to be cleared prior to development. BWB undertook a detailed remediation and validation exercise to ensure that the site was cleared and cleaned to meet the strict requirements of the Local Authority and Environment Agency.

The site is bounded to the South by the Supertram line and Network Rail infrastructure. BWB were instrumental in obtaining all the necessary consents to work adjacent to the live lines prior to construction.

BWB worked closely with the main contractor and specialist subcontractors to provide an alternative foundation solution using Rapid Impact Dynamic Compaction. This avoided the need for a piled foundation solution saving a significant amount of money and time to the programme.

The project has helped to regenerate this former industrial site providing new links to the public including improved cycle routes, green delivery methods, live in store public transport information and improvements to the local highway network.


Dominic Ginty

Dominic Ginty
Service Director - Building Structures
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