Project Munio, Riverside Gardens Public Realm

Project Munio, Riverside Gardens Public Realm


A flood defence scheme in the centre of Derby which saw BWB and nmcn partner to deliver improvements to Pride Park, Full Street, Exeter Bridge and Riverside Gardens.

While the other areas of the scheme were predominantly focussed on new river wall, Riverside Gardens consisted of a reimagined public open space, with new performance areas next to the river and additional seating, planting and paving. One of the main design aspirations for the river gardens was to make the area more appealing and to deal with the anti-social behaviour by improving visibility and natural surveillance in the area. The design was based of the concepts provided by Derby City Council, that were developed into detail design by BWB working with a landscape architect to produce a high-quality public space to meet the design objectives, not least the requirement of providing a flood defence.

On Exeter bridge a new flood gate was to be installed across the road. This required alterations to the; carriageway, bus stops, loading areas, footways, and cycle routes around this historical location. The streetscape and appearance of the works was key to the success of the scheme to avoid the gates appearing totally out of place. Material choices were very important to get right for the scheme blend new and old together as one.

As part of the process to achieve this we undertook collaborative planning sessions with the stakeholders from Derby City Council and nmcn to identify the requirements of the project, the key project milestones and constraints preventing these from being achieved. Action plans were produced and regularly reviewed to ensure that the project remained on programme.
Stage gate reviews were utilised by Derby City Council throughout the design and BWB worked in close collaboration with other consultants to ensure that the required level of information was presented for the 80% and 100% design review stages.

Key Challenges

BWB worked with nmcns sub-contractors to coordinate the design of the flood defences and ensure that these were compatible with the constraints of the site and with BWBs design.


Graham Littlewood

Graham Littlewood
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