Mount Dairy Farm, Cheswick Green

Mount Dairy Farm, Cheswick Green


BWB assisted the Client with securing planning permission for c. 220 dwellings in the Cheswick Green area of Solihull. BWB provided flood risk, drainage, Utilities and transport advisory services to help satisfy the requirements of the Local Planning Authority.

As a result of existing flood risk in the village of Cheswick Green downstream of the site, flood risk assessment for the development was key. BWB worked closely with the Client, the EA and the LLFA to identify flood mitigation and alleviation measures that could be delivered on site to help reduce some flood risk locally, but also to ensure that the development would not create any additional flood risk either.

Key Challenges

There was existing flood risk in the downstream community and the EA had a longer-term plan for flood risk management in the catchment. Initially the EA felt that the scheme was premature but by working closely with the EA, BWB assisted the Client in identifying how the scheme could be delivered with localised flood mitigation measures in place that would not prejudice future flood risk management strategies.

BWB provided pre-planning services support, including the design of flood mitigation areas to support Flood Defence Consent (Environmental Permit) applications.


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