College Gate, Oldbury

College Gate, Oldbury


The College Gate development site is situated in Brandhall, a heavily urbanised area of Birmingham.

Following the original Outline Planning approval and purchase of the College Gate development site by Bovis Homes, the flood risk designation to the area was changed by the Environment Agency (EA) from Flood Zone 1 (low flood risk) to Flood Zone 3 (high flood risk) significantly constraining the Clients aspirations for the development.

Bovis Homes engaged BWB to understand the options available to reduce the flood risk both to the site and the wider area. BWB were able to identify the potential for a flood relief scheme at Brandhall Golf Club upstream of the College Gate development.

Working in partnership with a number of stakeholders, including the EA, Sandwell MBC, the golf club and in consultation with local residents, BWB were able to promote a flood relief scheme that not only addressed the initial development contsraints but would provide benefits for up to 104 residential properties, and in early 2013 the scheme obtained planning approval.

BWB provided detailed design services of the new dam embankment, associated structures and alterations to existing watercourse, and the creation of attenuation and wetland areas. Construction of BWB's design was undertaken by Montel Civil Engineering, which included a sustainable Eco-Crib wall.

As a result of the successful implementation of the flood relief scheme, BWB have now been appointed by Bovis Homes to formally challenge the EA floodplain maps for the area.

Key Challenges

BWB supported the Bovis Major Projects Team in delivering a developer-led flood alleviation scheme at Brandhall Golf Club bringing significant benefit to the local community and Bovis Homes by helping reduce flood risk to existing properties and the downstream College Gate development. Furthermore, it represents a model of partnership engagement with the Developer, Consultant, Local Authority and EA all working together to deliver an appropriate and sustainable solution.


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