Somerleyton Road, Brixton

Somerleyton Road, Brixton


Somerleyton Road is an exciting community partnership that will see around 303 new homes, a theatre, a range of mixed uses including a new flexible community space, an educational space, cultural and creative workspaces, community facilities, nursery, retail and a street gym as well as communal and neighbourhood spaces right in the heart of Brixton. The final development will be owned and managed by a new community body in which the residents, business occupiers and the wider community have a say. BWB have been tasked by Project Managers DBK to provide a number of services in support of the planning application for this £89m redevelopment which includes all three of the BWB groups - Environment, Transport & Infrastructure and Buildings & Built Environment.

Our Transport team were contracted to identify and mitigate constraints to ensure the best use of space was made. The creation of public areas and the enhancement of the urban realm, significantly improved pedestrian permeability and experience. Our team worked closely with the master planners to develop options for parking provision, carriageway re-allocation and the use of shared space in order to deliver this objective.

Key Challenges

The Mechanical and Electrical services team have undertaken a site wide Energy Study for the site with cognisance taken of the Future Brixton Masterplan and the potential for utilising an energy efficient district heating scheme. The focus of the site wide strategy is to provide a fabric first approach, which is in line with Igloo's Footprint Document, the sustainability strategy at the heart of the development. This utilisation of a centralised energy centre will provide heating and electricity to all buildings on the site and will result in reduced energy costs for tenants. The Mechanical and Electrical services by BWB are designed to implement the strategies highlighted in the Energy Statement.

BWB have also been contracted to provide a number of surveys for the planning application including the Flood Risk Assessment, Noise and Vibration Assessments, Sunlight, Daylight and Overshadowing Studies and External Lighting Assessment.


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