BWB supporting Pinnacle Property (SMAA Developments) with the promotion of a strategic residential led new settlement near Pershore, Worcestershire. The strategic allocation is for up to 6,500 new dwellings, village centre, two primary schools, a secondary school and associated employment land.

BWB are providing a full suite of environmental and engineering advisory services to support the allocation process, including transport planning services, odour and ground investigation as the more significant constraints to be addressed at the site.

Key Challenges

Work is ongoing with the most significant constraints being identifying suitable highway access and improvement strategy to realise the wider site capacity, along with potential odour sources from an adjacent landfill and poultry farm and associated ground investigation support.

Work is ongoing, but we have used and provided Locava as a tool for the internal project team to support data collection and presentation of constraints.

We have also identified local surface water flood risk issues and working to demonstrate how the development could help reduce flood risk in the future.


Stuart Nelmes

Stuart Nelmes
Regional Director
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