New Walk/King Street Public Realm

New Walk/King Street Public Realm


BWB recently undertook the New Walk / King Street Public Realm detailed design for Leicester City Council. The scheme forms part of the Connecting Leicester projects and delivered new paving and surfacing on King Street and replace the existing seating area at the intersection of King Street at New Walk with a new area of public realm/seating and planting.

The design work comprised of the removal of features such as kerbs and road markings to create an attractive space for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to promote the regeneration of the area. The design considered mobility impaired pedestrians to ensure compliance with the Equalities Act and was issued to LCiCs Disabled People's Access Officer to ensure that their requirements were met.

During the design process BWB undertook condition surveys of private property cellars that protruded beneath the highway and ensured that the proposed design considered any cellar lights that were present within the public highway. Design proposals which mitigated the impact on the cellars were incorporated to ensure that the Council was adequately protected against claims from property owners.

BWB undertook C2 & C3 utility enquires and produced a final design which required no utility diversions, allowing better use of funding to create an optimum public space.

As part of the design, the traffic direction along the street was reversed and assets such as street lighting, CCTV cameras and automatic bollards were relocated. BWB liaised with the relevant City Council departments throughout the design to ensure that their requirements were met with regards to the relocation of their assets and to ensure that the design met with the Councils overall aspirations for the area


Shirley Dumigan

Shirley Dumigan
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