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The Green Industrial Revolution; BWB’s Response to Boris Johnson’s 10 Point Plan

24 November 2020

BWB wholeheartedly supports the UK Government’s ambitious 10 Point Plan for a green industrial revolution. Whilst we recognise there is more to do, in terms of creating policy and a more detailed road map to support its goals, we feel the timing of the announcement is crucial for the economy, with £12 billion of planned investment and 250,000 highly skilled green jobs being created in the UK.

Source: HM Government, The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, November 2020

At BWB we work closely with our clients supporting them on their sustainability and net zero pathways, providing multi-disciplinary solutions that are cognisant of climate change and carbon net zero aspirations. We applaud the announcement that new homes must utilise low carbon heating technology such as ground source and air source heat pumps. This provides clarity for our residential developer Clients who need energy strategies that are adaptable to future energy blends and occupier demands, and capable of meeting the Future Homes Standard Wind, solar and hydrogen will provide the renewable energy mix our environment needs and societal pressures demand.

We envisage all these sources being incorporated into the new industrial, residential and mixed-use developments we work on. The UK has one of the most competitive renewables industries in the world and we look forward to designing sustainable energy solutions that bring our Clients sustainability and net zero strategies to life.

As part of the CAF Group that includes Solaris, Europe's leading electric bus manufacturer, we are pleased that the 10 Point Plan makes a major commitment to introduce at least 4000 electric and hydrogen powered buses as well as the extensive electrification of Britain's railways. We also support plans for low traffic neighbourhoods with greater emphasis on cycle lanes and pedestrian facilities.

We believe this will lead to significant improvements to air quality in these areas thereby boosting health and wellbeing. As we build back better from the Covid-19 pandemic, BWB fully supports the integration of nature-based solutions into development projects. We must provide better protection to our natural environment and historic woodlands and find new and effective ways to enhance biodiversity. We are delighted to see more protection will be afforded to our natural environment through the creation of new National Park and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). We are also pleased to see continued and significant investment in flood defences to protect homes and businesses from the risk of flooding.

At BWB we are excited by the government’s vision to be a global leader in the technologies needed to decarbonise our economies and transition to net zero.

Key Contacts