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Jade with the London T&I Design Team


02 September 2019

Jade Low, civil engineering student, joined our London Transport & Infrastructure design team to find out more about a career in civil engineering. We spoke to Jade to discover what he got up to while at BWB and what his plans are for the future.

Why did you choose to do work experience at BWB?
I chose to undertake the placement at BWB because I wanted some practical experience in civil engineering, hoping to bridge the gaps between the theoretical nature of my degree and the practical nature of the working world. More specifically, Transport and Infrastructure design is something I may consider going for my career, therefore, having a placement helps me grasp a flavour of what it’s like.

What have you done during your placement?
During my 3-week placement at BWB, I gained invaluable practical experience in AutoCAD, Civil 3D and subsequent drainage modelling using MicroDrainage.

My main responsibilities were to develop the design and complete technical CAD drawings for surface water drainage layouts, level profiles, earthworks model, service yard joint layouts, drainage and external construction details and layouts for DP World London Gateway, plot 4020B. I shadowed a site inspection and wrote a site inspection report for key observations.

In addition, I was introduced to the vertical and horizontal access road alignment and design for Pannattoni Park in Theale, Reading using Civil3D. I also had the opportunity to briefly look at traffic flow at the Junction between Lower Parliament St and A612 in Nottingham and simulated using Vissim and Linsig. I reviewed design reports and drawings for the Transport for NSW Parramatta Light Railway in Greater Western Sydney and identified key areas of improvement.

Throughout the placement, I had the opportunity to talk to different people in the office and learn about their roles. It’s fascinating to see how varied it can be, but all lie within Civil Engineering. It informed me the options I could take after my degree. At the end of my placement, I presented my work to the office (as seen pictured to the left).

What have you enjoyed most while at BWB?
Everything I did at BWB was enjoyable; I was especially impressed by the friendly working environment. I thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to work on a new, potential project, plot 4020B. Developing everything from scratch was a tremendous learning experience.

What are your plans for the future?
Although I enjoyed every aspect of T&I design, I hope to further explore, through further placements, the field of civil engineering before deciding the area for my future career.